Jul 242010

I am still sick. Still sinusitis. Cough for about two hours a day. 1 in morning. 1 at night. Very exhausting. Going to Jackson Hot springs tomorrow. Hopefully that makes me feel better.

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Jul 222010

Worked over ten days in a row 🙁 12 hrs a day. I am exhausted and tired. On Saturday I came down with a Sinus Infection which brought a high fever and of course the normal sinus headache, clogginess, and overall cold-like symptoms. I still feel yucky today, but I will be happy to spend some time with Brian and Kierstin. They fly in today at 6pm. I really start my vacation today which I feel I truly deserve.

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Jul 102010

Took my sons to my favorite beach in Seal Rock. We saw bumble bees and flowers. We played in the sand, tide pools, and walked up the stream there. It was a great day. We really needed this.

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Jul 022010

This has been a very trying few months. My family has stuck by me the whole time. I only had to look at my boys and Stella to realize what was really important. We did sell our bus. We made some life changing decisions that we will tell you about in the coming months.    Our boys are doing well.  Orion is now out of school and Raven is keeping up with his brother.  We have planned our vacation, but are still having a bit of trouble with a few details.    

Orion is fully potty trained, Raven is climbing to the ceiling now. More to tell later as we get time.  I really can’t wait to see my best friend at the end of the month.

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