Aug 112010

Today I woke up to the sound of Raven Crying @ 3am. It was Stellas turn, but she is sick. Stella seems to have gotten my Bronchitis. I don’t know how, but the boys have it too. I got Raven and he quickly wanted to lie on top of Momma. Stella thought this was fine, but Orion woke up and came into bed and cuddled with me. This morning it was stifling hot and no breeze. I couldn’t breathe. Orion and Raven in bed couldn’t work me today. Raven was positioned on Stella in such away that everytime he moved his foot he kicked me in the throat. After I had a Brochitis coughing fit for over 20 minutes; Raven and Orion went back to their beds. I continued coughing til after 4:30am. Went back to sleep after 5am and woke up at 6am at the alarm. I am bushed! …and I still feel like I need to cough all the time. What a start to the day!

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