Sep 072010

Today was definitely not as good as yesterday.  It was foggy and drizzling this morning so it wasn’t a good day to go outside.  Raven woke up first and started the day quite nicely with a cuddle and breakfast and a movie. Orion woke up and wanted to watch Chicken little and I wouldn’t let him because Raven’s movie had not ended. Orion had a melt down that lasted about thirty minutes. Orion started to take away a toy from Raven and Raven came over to me and head butted me. I put him on time out. I took him off and a few minutes later he started to hit me… Back to time out. He came off again and then threw his little activity chair at me. Time out again. Then he went in the kitchen and got the empty wine bottle we were going to recycle and threw that at me too. Another time out. That was exhausting. Then the movie was over and Orion’s movie went in. Then Raven wanted another movie and threw a little fit. Played with him to distract him and then Orion came over and hit him. Time out for Orion.  What a Day! Well, it eventually turned out alright, but that is how it started. Did get laundry done, house vacuumed, fixed someone’s computer and a few other assorted things done.

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