Sep 192010

Sometimes in the course of a few days; we endure life’s little misfortunes, and when the dust clears is a revelation that greets us. Stella is so anxious to move out of this little house, but we are now realizing that the time to transfer is getting short. In this time frame I have come to realize that if it is meant for us to move, we will move. Just like when I came to Newport; I wasn’t expecting to be with Stella, but in fact, Stella and I fell in love and had two beautiful children that I never thought that would ever happen. Right now I am counting our blessings of having a beautiful wife, two beautiful children, a place to live, a car to drive, and food on the table. No matter what the cost; this is amazing in itself, and sometimes I just need to step back from the challenges of life and remember a phrase I once said to another in a time of need that “Everything is Temporary.” Soon our wishes will come true, but maybe not now. And with the fullfillment of a new wish, there will be a new set of circumstances that will create a new set of issues that will cause us issues and this too we will have to adjust too. When this happens then we will have forgotten the troubles of today and will be focusing upon the new challenges that confront us. If everything would have turned out any different I would not have been able to share this moment with Raven.

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