Oct 292010

I am really tired. I have worked quite a bit the last few days. In the last 14 days I have worked 11 (12 hours minimum each day). I am bushed!!! I still have one more day to work.

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Oct 272010

Our visit went wonderfully! We got a lot of great compliments from the big bosses and talking to them was a great educational experience. Glad the visit is finally over.

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Oct 162010

Went to work today. Great bunch of people and great store. Very easy to lose ground if not paying attention or get distracted though. Was quite a first day! Will have to get used to alot of new people. Had to do fresh stuff today and found it to be quite challenging with temps and stuff. kinda forgot some of that stuff. Had to do a real quick refresher.

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Oct 162010

We got 1/2 the garage unpacked yesterday and could move the car into the garage! Claris and Stella got alot more done today. Moved Dryer and Washer in yesterday, but the plug was different on the dryer. Ended going to get a new plug for dryer and re wired today. Several milestones here.

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