Oct 152010

well we moved in. I turned in the U-Haul and now all we have to do is put an entire 2 car garage full of stuff in the house. I am sore and tired, but we did it! It was worth it.i was actually able to take a shower without runnng out of hot water! The little things make things worthwhile.

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Oct 122010

Davin and I moved out of the storage unit and did 90% of the house. I will be switching off the server tomorrow. I am awaiting my check to move. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. We wll see.

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Oct 112010

I will be taking down my server Wed morning and will not be able to get any emails except through facebook and my gmail. I believe my site (once I take it down) will be down til Oct 18th when our Dsl will be setup in Sandy.

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Oct 112010

we packed all day long… Apartment is full of boxes. We will be moving tomorrow. We are going to move both our storage unit and the apartment. I hope a 26 ft U-haul is big enough for the load. Raven cried all day long today. He is teething and is really cranky. Made it kinda hard to pack, but we got alot accomplished.

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Oct 092010

Our Rental Application got approved!  Now we just have to put the Holding deposit down and then we are in!!!  I can’t wait for 1500 square feet!!!!!  That Townhome is really awesome!  This consists of  a 16×19 foot Master Bedroom and two 12×12 bedrooms.   It has a two car garage and a large living room.  This is so great!!!

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