May 312011

I was stressed again and this time since Stella was going grocery shopping and I didn’t want to enter work when I was off; I thought I would go hiking.  The only problem is that I ended up going late.  So when I took a wrong turn, I ended up hiking in the dark.  It was an extremely fun trip and want to do it again.   I will hike it the other way around next time.  It was 7.1 with a 1,000 foot elevation gain.  These falls are about 10 miles from Mt Hood.

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May 242011

Another Weekend where Stella has to put up with me stressed to the point of hurting.  My back has been hurting and my chest.  It has been going on now for a few days.  Today I drank some Kava Tea and went out for a drive by myself and it seemed to help.  I am trying to take care of myself, but am having a bit of a time.

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May 192011

We had a great day today outside.  Raven, Orion , and Stella stayed outside for the majority of the day today.  It was warm and beautiful.  Orion rode his bike and Raven ran around and pushed his push car.  It was fun and relaxing.   Stella and I sat outside.  I worked on the Laptop and Stella wrote her pen pals on the lawn.  Somewhere in the middle of the day, Larry our across the street neighbor got into a squirt fight with the neighborhood kids.  That was a lot of fun!!!  I really like living here.  It is such a great area!!!


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May 172011

Last week seemed to be very productive.  I was able to tour my areas and write notes.  In most cases I was able to give the notes out before they were given.  That was a plus.  However, it is very hard to manage the large projects and get everything else done I am supposed to.  So, things are looking up.  I don’t have the stress level I did the last few weeks.  It was rather nice.  I will say that it was very hard to get up at 4am every morning and then get the kids ready.  I am exhausted

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May 132011

These couple of days off we have spent time rearranging just about everything in our life except the furniture.  So we went through our finances, made a new budget, made a decision for Stella to back to work, and I made a plan as to how to improve my performance at work.   Hopefully it all works.

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