Jun 262011

We went to the Oregon Zoo today and at first Orion did not want to go.  It took him over half an hour and then we ended up getting a parking place closer and we got in.  Today was a day where the camera and the phone stopped working at various times

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Jun 232011

The Family went to Umpqua Falls today. I was supposed to meet them, but I missed the whole thing. It was almost a six hour drive and I left late. The pictures here are what Stella took on her phone.

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Jun 222011

Finally.  Vacation!!!!!!!  Time to spend lots of good quality time with Stella and the Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Planned to do alot this week.  I have some things that I am going to try to sell this week as well.

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Jun 212011

 I bought Red Riding Hood The alternate Cut DVD/Bluray!!!! Such a great movie. Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

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