Jul 302011

After a shortened vacation and alot of fun times with Stella, Claris and the boys it is time to go back to work. I got a lot accomplished this time. I fix the sound on Orion’s computer.We got re-married by Dawn(via webcam),  We even bought a great piece of furniture.  This vacation allowed me to focus on the things that matter the most(Stella and the kids)

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Jul 282011

That’s right Little Crater Lake.  It is an Artesian Spring fed lake that is 42 ft deep and is really blue!  I have also included pictures of Timothy Lake which we took on the same trail.  We will separate these as we get more pictures.  This is about ten miles from Government Camp Off of Hwy 26.


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Jul 272011

We were heading to Multnomah falls and stopped at Vista House on the way.  This was just a short trip.

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Jul 252011

Orion had school today. Claris and I got a wonderful breakfast from Stella. It was a great egg on an English muffin with Tomato and Avocado and Hollandaise sauce. She is just so awesome at making any kind of dishes. Orion went to school and we went to Lily’s market to buy some curry and got some Thai coffee. Orion came from school and we celebrated his birthday with Ice cream cake and presents from both Grandmothers and us. He got a Vtech camera and a Responsibility chart from us.

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