Sep 242011

Went to the Zoo today, but boy was it crowded.  It was the first day of Zoo Appreciation Days.  It was also going to rain the next few days and the boys would probably go stir-crazy if we didn’t go somewhere.Orion had a fit right outside the elephant area.  Since it was Zoo Appreciation Day, there was alot going on.  There was a concert going on and Orion could not and would not stop screaming until we ran across the lady handler with the vulture.  Orion got quite a kick out of the vulture and then we went to the lions, but under protest (rather loudly really).

Orion couldn’t stop talking about the elephants.  When we went to the gift shop Orion and Raven both picked up Elephant stuffed animals.  Then Raven picked up one of the snapping jaw thingy’s on a stick and chased Orion with it.    The boys got to see areas of the zoo we had previously not seen before.  It was fun.  The boys had loads of fun and we returned to the house with very tired boys,  Such a nice change having them so fullfilled from a day out.

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