Sep 272011

I had a lovely birthday Dinner at Multnomah Falls Lodge tonight. Stella and I had Salmon(w/ Asparagus, Yukon Potatoes, and Pickled Onions and a wonderful cream sauce). The asparagus had a wonderful taste somewhat like Hazelnuts. Orion had Macaroni and Cheese and Raven had chicken Tenders and Tater tots. To top it all off Raven and Orion had Vanilla Icecream. Stella had a tripe Layer Chocolate Mouse. I had (of course) Cheesecake with huckleberry topping. The Dinner was amazing.

Orion had his anxiety issues when we first got there and Raven also had issues because he had just awakened from a nap. It took both of us every bit of ten minutes to calm them both down.  Stella started hugging Orion and me cuddling with Raven.  For the first bit of the meal, Orion sat on Stella’s lap as he whimpered.  Raven had taken to a stationary piggy back ride as I ate my soup.  By the time the boys’ dinner had arrived, Stella had Raven in her lap and I had Orion in mine.  Eventually both boys ended up being more independent.  Orion actually sat in his own chair and Raven Colored.

The inside of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous with a view of Multnomah falls from the Great Room which was all windows. There are Stone Archways within the restaurant where the Stone Fireplace is. This was a wonderful evening.

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