Nov 272011

Black Friday has come and gone. The six day stretch went on and on and the 14 hour days just about killed me. My sickness seems to keep lingering on and there is not much that seems to be helping with it.

Today is my last day off and I am tired and grumpy. This is sad since it is Stella’s B’day. She is sick too and seems to be hungry a lot (which is kinda strange for her).

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Nov 092011

The last few days have been intense. Last week, on my day off I got called in to work. I worked six days in a row at a minimum of 12 hours a day. Well today is my second day off and I am still tired. I slept all day yesterday and I mean all day long. I am hoping to get the rest of my days off this week. It is coming close to Blitz and I don’t believe I will get many days off in the next few days and weeks. I got the preliminary work on my new ecommerce site on GRC Computers site. Stella is still working on the E-reader covers and they are turning out great! Hopefully after I start the Ecommerce site; I will be able to start the web hosting site up and running

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Nov 012011

Stella made a feast, but we were not able to go Trick or Treating. I worked 16 hours today and woke up at 5pm, but Raven went to sleep at 5:30 and Orion was adamant that he did not want to go.  We had a good plan, but kids didn’t cooperate.  Orion could not get enough of the Heffalump movie(Pooh).  Raven woke up later and went to better about 11pm.  Raven woke up again at 1:30am with growing pains in his legs.  He eventually calmed down after giving him Infant Ibuprofen and Stella rocked him back to sleep in the rocker downstairs.