Mar 192012

It started off snowing so much that the ground was covered in twenty minutes. It then slowed down and eventually melted. We went to our appointment in Clackamas and went to furniture stores. We found the boys the bunkbeds we think they need and got prices. Orion had problems when we went into GoodWill today. He had a huge meltdown! We left the store with him screaming wanting to go to the toy section. We told him no and he screamed and screamed. We took the boys out of the shopping cart and went to the car. Orion was still screaming and making a scene. People were staring and some were kinda chuckling. One person came behind our car and wrote down our license plate number. People just don’t understand Autism and what it looks like sometimes. Anyway, we are expecting a knock on the door from someone for us only to explain his condition and have them call our social worker. Sometimes he can be a handful. 🙁

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