Apr 072012

Stella and I had another date within a two week stretch. It started out with us originally wanting to see Wanderlust and going to Troutdale to see it.  But, as luck would have it, we couldn’t find the movie theatre(I know can’t find something even with Google Maps).  Since we both really wanted to see a movie, we headed back to Sandy.  On our way we arrived at Burnside where a wreck just happened.  We somehow turn around and head back another way to Sandy.  We got to the theatre late, but the manager said noone else was in Mirror Mirror so it hadn’t started.  He started it for us and we were able to watch the movie from the beginning.   It was rather funny and modern and a lot more real feeling than the traditional Snow White and the Seven Dwarves movie. I think the outfits were amazing. I did really like it. The twist to the story seemed to fit together just nicely with the fairy tale.

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