Apr 102012

Today was Raven’s 1st day of school. He went into the class and immediately went over to the toy bin, pulled it out and started taking the toys out one by one to look at each one. All three of us were there for awhile and the teacher said we should let him be by himself (without us). So we left for a bit and went to this great little cafe in Estacada called Harmony Baking Company I really enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly waitresses. The Bakery has its doughnuts and bagels and such as you walk in. As you enter, you are greeted by a lovely atmosphere of books and friendly neighbors. We sat near all the books and enjoyed a lovely breakfast. Stella had a Vegetarian omelette and enjoyed every bite. She said it was unlike most other veggie omelettes as it had zuchini and quite a few other veggies in it. She also had homemade wheat bread and fried potatoes. I had a very delicious Oregon Trail Burger which had sauteed onions and lettuce, tomato, and mustard, and mayo. It was also very good. I highly recommend this place if you were in Estacada. We also went to Mike’s 2nd hand store. It is always such an interesting shop as he has all kinds of stuff and great furniture. Today he had a neat pirate ship kite and a beautiful set of dishes and a push mower I was looking for. Anyway, we left Mikes to go back to Raven’s school and found him playing in the toy kitchen. He was building ice cream cones and building an assortment of dishes for us. He was chattering up quite a bit and was telling us all about it. Seems like he had a good day.

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