May 132012

Here are a few shots of this Wonderful Day.  We started out with a cute little Dinner last night for Mother’s Day.  Yeah I know Stella cooked it.  Then this morning the Coffee, Chocolate Brownie, Flowers, and the “Card”.  This afternoon was the trip to Wildwood Recreation Area.  This is a beautiful area that has nice walks beside a small stream and has a neat underwater viewing area of the fish, etc.  It has great easy trails and lots of places to picnic.  They have several huge areas for large families to gather and cook.

Stella, me, and the boys had a great day; however, I have been told I have to go into work tonight(my day off).  It is a shame because I actually feel good today.

Update:  One of my bosses called and called me at 10:20pm tonight and said not to come tonight(unless I was already on the road) due to the fact that they only had one GM container tonight.  It would be better for me to come tomorrow.  This is better for me because I can have my days working together.

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