May 222012

It is kinda neat.  When Raven is in school we get about three hours to ourselves.  It is really nice just Stella and Me to do something.  Today we decided to go to McMenamins Edgefield.  It is a great Historic Hotel, but it used to be a Poor Farm.  There is an old Power House which is now a Movie Theatre and Pub.  There is an old Icehouse converted into a restaurant.  There are herb gardens and intimate little restaurants galore.  And The Black Rabbit is a classy restaurant/bar inside the Edgefield Hotel itself.  It has a delicious breakfast and tastey looking Lunch and Dinners.  I posted the Breakfast menu here.  I had the Salmon Plate and Stella had the Florentine Egg Benedict.  Here is our two hour exploration of McMenamins Edgefield in pictures from today.

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