Jun 302012

Well I went in to work as my first day back. Just as I said in my Vacation post; I had no idea how long it was. However, even with asking two of my boss to tell me when I was coming back, I was treated to a “What are you doing here?” “Why are you here?” “Does he think he is working days?” questions this morning as I walked into work. Apparently someone else transferred off to another store and someone forgot to tell me. Imagine this…I am still on overnights “for at least one more rotation”! I just have to laugh. I spent my normal lots of money before I left due to stress. I did get a lot of stuff we needed that never seems to fit in the budget ie socks, shoe polish, lactaid, coffee creamer, and some coffee flavorings.  I went home to my wonderful boys and wife and made plans to go to the Saturday market in Portland.  One thing I will say is that this cements further into my brain to continue my path of higher education.  I am going to complete my transfer of my credits application tonight so my counselor can finish my registration and I will actually register for classes on Mon or Tues.

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Jun 292012

Orion had camp all week long.  He went to a place called Farm School.  He and many Special Needs kids play and have fun in a farm environment learning, playing, and socializing.  Orion’s last day included a Pot Luck with a lot of the parents in attendance.  Orion and Raven had lots of fun.  Raven could not stop holding on to Daddy’s hand today.  We got to see first hand the fun he had all week long. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

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Jun 282012
Lost Lake Cabin - Group Camp Site

We went to Lost Lake again today. This has turned out to be a family destination. We all really enjoy this place. The Lake was really high and part of the trail was partially submerged, but we were able to traverse it. The boys walked the full distance around the Lake. I was so proud of them.  There were a lot of salamanders and Newts out today.

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Jun 222012

I have no idea how long it is, but I am on vacation at least through Friday of next week(I hope). Time to relax and convert to the dayshift. Lots of stuff planned. Visit from Stella’s cousins, Respite Date, camping, movies, and some good quality time with my Family. Recovery is the key(mental and physical) I truly am exhausted.

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Jun 172012

Stella fixed me a wonderful Father’s Day breakfast with poached eggs on an English muffin with Avocado and Tomato with Hollandaise sauce over it. It was ever so yummy!

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