Jun 302012

Well I went in to work as my first day back. Just as I said in my Vacation post; I had no idea how long it was. However, even with asking two of my boss to tell me when I was coming back, I was treated to a “What are you doing here?” “Why are you here?” “Does he think he is working days?” questions this morning as I walked into work. Apparently someone else transferred off to another store and someone forgot to tell me. Imagine this…I am still on overnights “for at least one more rotation”! I just have to laugh. I spent my normal lots of money before I left due to stress. I did get a lot of stuff we needed that never seems to fit in the budget ie socks, shoe polish, lactaid, coffee creamer, and some coffee flavorings.  I went home to my wonderful boys and wife and made plans to go to the Saturday market in Portland.  One thing I will say is that this cements further into my brain to continue my path of higher education.  I am going to complete my transfer of my credits application tonight so my counselor can finish my registration and I will actually register for classes on Mon or Tues.

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