Jan 242013

Woke up with a headache.  Took a shower and didn’t help.  Raven was watching SuperWhy and wanted Daddy to watch with him. It was so cute how he was calling out the letters and interacting with the show.  He even gave me hugs and kisses when he got it right.  It was really sw


eet.  I don’t want to go into work.  I was originally scheduled off, but I am expected to be in and am already late.  Stella is making breakfast and will go in after that.  We have to get Raven’s birthday cake anyway and then i will stay at work and she will take the car.   I am hoping not to stay longer than six or seven hours.  I have lots of school work and a birthday party to attend. Since this was originally my day off, we planned this day to be all together. These six day stretches are not nice.