Feb 192013

Raven got new shoes today.  They are similar to his other shoes, but of course newer.  They have bright flashing green lights and got them really cheap.  I just can’t believe he is wearing a size 13 toddler.

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Feb 112013

Raven had his shots today.  We met his new doctor doctor Mary Boyer.  She was very good and seemed nice.  He got four shots and cried a lot, but I got him a Thomas the Train that he realy liked.

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Feb 072013

I finally got a comp day.  This is my second one and Rachel gave it to me on Friday.  So I got a lot to do on Sat and Sun.  Evals, Evals, Evals.  Well anyway, lots of time to spend with the family.  🙂  I sent the last two days with Stella and the kids, changed my major and all kinds of Good Stuff.

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